Below are some of the ways DSACK is able to EDUCATE:


    • Provide informational packets to new families
    • Arrange for experts in relevant fields to speak at parent meetings
    • Offer help with Individual Education Plans
    • Speak at colleges and universities to students studying medicine, therapies, education and other related fields
    • Provide pediatricians and obstetricians up-to-date, accurate and balanced resources for patients and their families
    • Present to teachers and students about Down syndrome and help them understand that their classmates with Down syndrome are more alike them than different
    • Maintain a lending library and mail titles upon request
    • Publish a quarterly magazine with pertinent articles for parents and professionals


People with Down syndrome have unbelievable potential. When parents, teachers, therapists and doctors have correct information and set the bar high, though it may take longer, people with Down syndrome realize their goals. Changing current attitudes is critical for a better future. Educating ourselves and others is key to ensuring our loved ones can realize their dreams, whatever they may be!