Get Moving!

Get Moving!
You Like to…
Move It!
Our 21 Days to Do Something Extra is underway, and we are kicking it off with encouraging everyone to get moving for DSACK.  We are already hearing some creative ways people are sharing this challenge to raise money for DSACK.  Some are running a virtual race, others are walking, some are challenging themselves to shoot a certain number of hoops without missing, and our favorite is someone moving their jaw muscles by undertaking a donut-eating challenge!  How will you get moving?  Whatever it is, we can’t wait to see you share it.  Just tag your post with #DSACK, #DSACKGetMoving, and/or #MoveItForDSACK.
Invite your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to support your challenge by starting a fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram.  You can also invite people to text-to-give by texting “21 Days” to 44321.  Just screen shot us at the end of your fundraiser and any text-to-give donations, and we will credit that to your team.

So, let’s get moving to make sure DSACK reaches their fundraising goal of $140,000 and can continue to offer all of our programs and services free to families.  We are so close!  Thanks for your help. YOU are awesome!

“21 Days to Do Something Extra!”