Learning Program


The DSACK Learning Program is a free educational program committed to helping children with Down syndrome succeed.  Based on the Learning Program™, originally developed by our affiliate-partner, Down Syndrome Foundation Orange County (DSFOC), this nationally-recognized model for parent-focused educational intervention is grounded on evidence-based approaches to teaching children with Down syndrome established by world-recognized leaders in cognitive research.  This program is parent/child focused and empowers parents to teach their children literacy, math and other skills using various materials and methods.  You can learn more about the Learning Program history here.

Level K-1 is for parents and caregivers of children with Down syndrome between the ages of 5 to 7, who are beginning to show an interest in letters and numbers and able to attend to an activity for five to 10 minutes.  The parent workshops will cover topics such as introduction to literacy, introduction to numbers, letters and letter sounds.


Level 2 is for parents and caregivers of children with Down syndrome between the ages of 6 to 9 who are developing a bank of sight words. Students will be developing beginning text-based comprehension skills such as understanding new vocabulary and recalling what they have just read.


At each session parents drop their student off in the informal student classroom while the parent(s) attend a workshop in our conference room.


Parent Workshops:

•    Will feature a wide range of topics throughout the year with a specific topic each month covering academic instruction to help you work with your student and provide guidance to enable you to foster a supportive educational environment.  Topics vary by level and are geared toward the developmental level of the students

•    Will teach you hands-on activities and provide you with materials to use at home with your student between workshops.


Student Informal Classrooms:

•    Large group social time (similar to circle time).

•   Center play time with focus on skill development, literacy, number building activities.

Each month we will be working on a successive piece of the program, building on previous months.  It is important that you attend all the sessions and complete the follow-up activities in the month between classes.  The success of the program is dependent on your level of commitment!  We will give you the information and tools to make it fun and easy.


Contact DSACK at dsack.org@gmail.com or call us at 859-494-7809 for information about participating in our Learning Program and to get all the necessary forms.

“We want our children to be embraced by the community.  We want our parents to feel empowered, not overwhelmed.  We want our parents to be able to work with the system, not be shut down by the system.  We are here to support you.”

– Dana Halle, Creator of the Learning Program