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Below are some resources that can help you as you begin to prepare for the upcoming school year.

2014 IEP Guidance Document

2014 IEP and Lesson Plan Development Handbook

DSACT Educator Packet

My Teacher Matters

Never Say Never

All About Me Booklet


Check out the FAQs about Inclusion and Q&A: Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Requirements of the IDEA

Inclusion, Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), Mainstreaming

Kentucky Department of Education:

Exceptional Children/Special Education

  • Here is an example of a book done by one of our parents on Microsoft Word.  It is a great example of how easy it can be to make a booklet for your student as they enter a new classroom or school. You can download the original here and tailor it to your child!
Peer Presentation

DSACK seeks to educate the community to breakdown stereotypes, provide positive images of individuals with Down syndrome and to support families to achieve success.  One way that DSACK is working hard to achieve this is through our  Down syndrome  awareness peer presentation. If you are interested in DSACK presenting to your school, just give us a call to get it scheduled.  We have presentations appropriate for children in preschool all the way through high school. This is an interactive presentation that kids of all ages enjoy and ensures that students learn the truths about Down syndrome.

Parents and professionals have found that if classmates understand a child’s disability, they may become allies in helping the child. The children may also be less likely to view accommodations or individual support as unfair advantages. One of the best ways to teach children about a disability is to talk to them at school. For many families, presenting at school is an annual event. Sometimes, an IEP team writes it into a child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) document.

The Peer Presentation is an opportunity to:

  • Discuss why a child may look or behave differently from other children in the class
  • Point out the many ways in which the child is like classmates
  • Offer classmates tips for interacting with the child

If you are interested in a Peer Presentation at your school, contact DSACK at (859) 494-7809 or Curious about what our peer presentation looks like? You can watch Traci’s Peer Presentation Demonstration webinar from our webinar archive.

Facts About Down Syndrome

Letter to Parents

Aging and Down Syndrome

The National Down Syndrome Society’s Health and Well-Being Guidebook on aging and Down syndrome.

Just Like You

Just Like You explores the life, hopes, challenges and dreams of three kids living with Down syndrome. Elyssa, Rachel and Sam share personal stories to help viewers better understand their condition and why they wish to be treated just like you. Each of our stars has their own talents, characteristics, strengths and challenges. Down syndrome is just one part of who they are and this film identifies how to handle and accommodate differences while celebrating the many similarities our friends with Down syndrome have with their peers.

Just Like You is a production of Just Like You, Inc. For more details about this video go to their website by clicking here.