Erica’s Fund

Erica’s Fund
Gifts made to this fund will assist DSACK families in crisis.  This already existing DSACK fund was renamed after the death of  8-month-old Erica Nichole Jent Herald.  Everyone who met Erica and her family was deeply touched and blessed.   Help us keep Erica’s memory alive AND assist other families who may have a hospitalized child or be undergoing a different crisis. You can read tributes from  Erica’s family below.

My Tribute to Erica Nichole Jent Herald

Anthony Herald 

The smallest fingers,
The gentlest touch,
An innocent glance
Makes your heart clutch.

A smile, a giggle,
Bright eyes
Light heart
Keeps us from ever being apart.

A little hand
Wrapped around your finger
A baby’s coo
Sets your heart to tingle.

The rattle of a toy
Holding a wiggling bundle,
Eyes full of love,
Lost in your joy.

Slobbery kisses,
A pull of my hair,
Gentle tickles
On skin so fair.

Wrapped in my love,
Locked in my heart,
Kept in my memories,
Though we’re apart.

We’ll hold you again,
Tight in our arms,
Kissing your face,
Lost in your charms.