Webinar Sessions

Be a part of DSACK’s presentations, lectures and seminars via webinar. Monthly presentations take place at the DSACK office, but members who live outside of the immediate area (or who cannot attend in person) can be a part of the audience. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements – you can ask questions live and be a part of the discussion.

Webinar Archive

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Government Waiver Programs – What is Available and How to Apply.


HCB, MPW, SCL can all spell confusion in one way or another. However, these government waiver programs can offer valuable support for individuals with disabilities. The paperwork can be daunting, but the benefits can far outweigh the application process. Hear Rachel Jones, IDD Regional Administrator for Bluegrass.org, explain these different types of waivers, how to qualify and how to apply.  It can be a total game changer for your family!

World Down Syndrome Day Celebration- March 21, 2015


We had a great celebration for World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st! David Egan joined us as our guest speaker and the choir from Stewart Home and School had entertained us with music. If you missed out this year make plans to join us for next year’s celebration!




Lindsey Mullis, health and wellness coordinator for the Human Development Institute, joined us to discuss health/nutrition/exercise with an emphasis on the impact these issues have on individuals with Down syndrome. The video is from the 2nd part of the Health/Nutrition/Exercise session. You can also view Part One of Lindsey’s Presentation by clicking on the following links: PWPT Part 1, PWPT Part 2.

Positive Behavior Strategies


April Vernon (Levi’s mom), with Applebaum Training Institute, addresses positive behavior strategies and more for our younger children with Down syndrome. April regularly speaks at training conferences for educators and we are thrilled to have her share her expertise with us.

Communication and Learning with IPAD and Tablets

 Dr. Jane Kleinert talks about the possibilities for communication and learning using iPad or tablet technology. These everyday systems can be used for augmentative communication while children are learning to speak or if speech is significant delayed. Learn how to find apps, know what devices support which apps, know how to find reviews of apps, and how to find free or low cost apps.

Please note: we had difficulties getting the power point to load, but it is visible on the screen just a few minutes into the webinar.

Occupational Therapy Q & A


We are so fortunate to have Raina Faust, DSACK board member and O.T. , along with her colleague who is a Speech Language Pathologist at Rockcastle Community Hospital, volunteer to answer questions regarding these issues.

Understanding Puberty and Down Syndrome


Diana Merzweiller from Down Syndrome Louisville addresses issues relating to puberty and Down syndrome. Click here for a copy of the powerpoint from the presentation.

Please note: we had an issue with our sound at the beginning, but it was fixed around the 3 minute mark.

Peer Presentation Demonstration



See firsthand what DSACK’s peer presentations for school-age children looks like.  They are fun, interactive, and Traci has some great stories to tell about her experience as she has gone to many different schools to present.

Pathways to Financial Freedom and the ABLE Act


 Carolyn Wheeler from HDI gives the latest information and details on recently passed ABLE Act and what that means for families.  In addition Carolyn discusses work as a pathway toward financial freedom and what resources people can currently have without jeopardizing their benefits.

Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs)


Dr. Meada Hall talks about  Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs).  Dr. Hall works at the University of Kentucky Human Development Institute and is an expert in this field.  She is also a valued board member of DSACK and has been a tremendous help to many of our families in navigating their IEPs.

Special Needs Estate Planning


Karen Perch, an attorney in Lexington who specializes in special-needs trusts and estate planning, shares her extensive knowledge on how to plan for the future while protecting government benefits, guardianship issues, and more.  

Coffee Chat with Sara Weir, Dr. Elizabeth Head & Dr. Frederick Schmitt


 Meet Sara Weir, President of National Down Syndrome Society in New York City, Dr. Elizabeth Head and Dr. Frederick Scmitt from UK Sanders-Brown Center o Aging.  Learn what NDSS is doing on a national level regarding employment, ABLE Act and legislation that will impact us in Kentucky.  In addition, Drs. Head and Scmitt share about health matters and their studies related to Down syndrome at the University of Kentucky