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Mark Leach is an attorney with a master’s in bioethics and a staff member from the National Center for Prenatal and Postnatal Down Syndrome Resources. As a father of a daughter with Down syndrome he perfectly describes the support that many of us feel from being part of a parent group like DSACK:


“Every other parent went through a similar experience and that will bind them to more people than they can ever imagine.


As a parent of a child with Down syndrome, you will feel this bond when you meet other families. In some respects, this is no different than the common shared experience you have simply by being a parent. You also talk about those commonalities as well: first day of school; watching your kid at a baseball game; awkward Thanksgiving dinners.


But, the bond forged from receiving that diagnosis and parenting a child with Down syndrome is special. It’s just like those other bonds shared in the human experience. Except, this is a bond fewer experience, fewer share. And, as you listen to the new mom talk about how she found out, you will feel this knowing, this common appreciation for part of what she went through, because you had your own journey.

When you get the diagnosis of Down syndrome, you may feel very alone. But, you will find that your experience forged a bond that links you to families throughout your community and this world. Through this bond, you are not alone. You have a bond stronger than you ever could have imagined with people you have never met.”