Who We Are

Vision Statement

A community where people with Down syndrome are valued and included throughout their lives.


Mission Statement

To celebrate and support people with Down syndrome and their families and to educate ourselves and others throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky.


Impact Statement

We support and educate families and professionals in Central and Eastern Kentucky. We do this through hosting educational conferences for parents, teachers, therapists and medical professionals; publishing a bi-monthly magazine which celebrates accomplishments of individuals with Down syndrome and provides pertinent information for families and caregivers; presenting to school-age children re: acceptance of those with Down syndrome and other disabilities; speaking to first year medical students and therapy students, and holding at least four annual celebrations to bring together families and friends for support and advocacy. In 2015, we will begin a job enrichment program to teach teens and adults with Down syndrome job skills and help them secure employment so that they may be active and contributing members of their community.